Health benefits of eating sprouts

Sprouts are the vegetable or plant beans just before they begin to grow. Many people are introducing sprouts to their diets because this source of food has a much more significant amount of vitamins and nutrients than it has in an un-sprouted form. After a week of sprouting, the beans have the highest concentration of nutrients (up to 100 times more enzymes in sprouts than in uncooked vegetables and fruits). The quality of the protein improves when it is sprouted, and the fibre, vitamins and essential fatty acid content increases.

One important thing to take into account is that sprouts shouldn’t be heated, as they would lose much of their nutritive value. They should always be added to your dish in their raw form.

Another benefit of sprouts is that you can grow them anywhere. Check our Facebook page to see how to easily grow sprouts at home:


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(Photograph credit to Pixabay)


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